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Managing Grief After a Loved One’s Death From an Overdose January 18, 2024

Experiencing grief after the death of a loved one can be difficult under any circumstances. Even deaths after a lengthy illness or an elderly person can be challenging to overcome.

Sudden and unexpected deaths can deeply impact those close. Sadly, that includes far too many deaths from the overdose of drugs. The fact is, there are more than 100,000 deaths annually from drug overdoses. That is more than twice those who are killed in car accidents.

Losing a person who is close to a drug overdose can be upsetting and unsettling. Here are ways to manage grief after a drug overdose results in the death of someone close to you.

Addressing the Stigma Associated with an Overdose Death

Overdose deaths often carry unfair stigmas with them. These stigmas can be contrary to what one knows about the person who passed. This can take discussion and compassion to overcome. Increasing our understanding of the significance of the problem and how it is a widespread problem can spread understanding and help in healing.

This Type of Grief Can Be Complicated

Grief over the death of a loved one from a drug overdose can be complex. There, of course, are the feelings of loss and sadness, but they may be accompanied by frustration, anger, blame, and even guilt. Understanding that certain types of grief are more complex can help us work our way through this myriad of emotions.

Discuss It

Having an open and honest discussion with others close to the departed can be healing. Check to ensure your outward emotions match with what you are feeling inside. Sharing like-minded emotions with friends and family can be beneficial to all.

Be Kind to Yourself

Don’t abuse alcohol. Eat right. Get enough sleep. Spend time with friends and family. A drug overdose death can seem incredibly unfair, and looking for something or someone to blame is common. Just take it easy on yourself.

Seek Out Spiritual Healing and Comfortable

Spend time in a special place that may bring you peace. Seek out comfort in a church or through prayer if that applies to you. Meditate and spend time focusing on the bright spot of a person’s life. They are about how they lived, not how they passed.

Find Local or Online Help

There are support groups for those who were close to someone who died from a drug overdose. Members share their stories and experiences and help those involved through similar feelings.

Having a regular home for final services for your family can be very comforting, especially during complex deaths like a drug overdose. We would be honored to serve in that capacity. Fares J. Radel Funeral Homes and Crematory has been serving families in the Greater Cincinnati and Northern Kentucky areas for generations.

If you have questions, need advice, or in current need or pre-planning, reach out to us today.

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