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Tips for Writing a Creative Obituary August 25, 2022

How to write a creative obituary

Being asked to write an obituary can be a frightening honor. All at once, you can feel blessed and grateful and yet fearful and nervous. A well-written obituary needs, of course, to be accurate. You also want to honor the deceased by capturing the essence of their personality.

A carefully crafted, creative obituary should be thoughtful, evoke emotion, and leave the reader feeling like they know the departed person just a bit better. Here are some tips for writing a creative obituary.

Include a Quote

One way to make an obituary more creatively personal is to include a quote. The source of the quote could be the loved one themselves, a line from a movie, a quote from a book, or lyrics from a song. Generally speaking, the more popular or familiar the quote is, the more people will relate to it.

Add Some Humor

This can be a bit tricky and should always reflect the personality of the deceased. Remember, humor doesn’t just mean knee-slapping funny. Humor can also be intended to bring a smile. If the obituary you write brings a smile to the reader, you have accomplished a goal.

Tell a Story

Another creative strategy for an obituary is including a story. The story could be reflective of how generous the person was, how much they enjoyed a certain hobby or sports team, or how they experienced a mildly embarrassing moment.

Try Several Approaches

You don’t have to feel as if you only have one shot. Try several approaches ranging from deep, heartfelt, and sincere to over the top. Odds are you’ll end up somewhere in the middle, where the obituary can be sincere with a touch of humor.

Remember, although you may be the author of the obituary, you can still seek stories and input from others who were close to the deceased.

One way to exercise your creative muscles is to try writing your own. Include the people and events that are important to you in your life. Tell a funny or embarrassing story. It may serve to inspire you even further.

Like funerals themselves, obituaries have evolved through time. Where they once were fact-driven with just family information, they have evolved to be much more personal and creative.

Most people will only write an obituary or two in their entire lives. This can add some pressure. Relax, and think about the person you are writing about and what, perhaps, they would want you to say about them in an obituary. You may just surprise yourself.

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