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Why It’s Important to Leave a Legacy July 13, 2023

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Like other aspects of life, funerals and final services tend to follow popular trends. “Celebrations of Life,” for example, now frequently replace traditional, somber services. Cremations continue to be increasingly popular. Preplanning their own final services is a priority for an increasing number of people, and so is leaving a legacy.

Leaving a legacy involves leaving a positive mark on this world after your passing, such as gifting a substantial financial donation or gift of property to a non-profit organization upon your death. Benefactors can range from colleges and universities to charitable groups and foundations.

Here are some reasons you may wish to consider leaving a legacy:

It Can Expand the Purpose and Meaning of Life

Many discover that making the decision to leave a legacy immediately expands their horizons and feelings of self-worth. Rather than just being concerned about ourselves and our daily tasks, we begin to move beyond ourselves in working for the greater good.

It can Serve as a Shield Against Selfishness

Leaving a legacy should be an unselfish act. For many who have spent their lives working in their own self-interest, it can be an outlet for a selfless act. This can be an uplifting aspect of intentionally leaving a legacy.

Encourages More Responsible Living

When you begin making plans to leave a legacy, it takes thoughtful consideration. That can translate to more responsible living in other areas of life. It often steers us to assess what is really important in our lives and how we want to be remembered.

You Could be Nurturing Something Even Larger

Leaving a legacy by starting a scholarship fund or foundation can have long-lasting positive impacts that can last for generations.
You may inspire others to join you in your quest and build a legacy that works for the greater good long after you are gone. That can also serve as a powerful, meaningful legacy for your family.

There are many ways to leave a legacy, including through the gift of property or family heirlooms, creating a foundation, making a significant donation, or adding to the funding of an existing fund.

Planning your own final services provides an opportunity to think about the things, people, and causes that are important to us. It can help us recognize that we can still be of value even after our departure.

If you have been considering preplanning your own final services and are looking for a place to start, Fares J. Funeral Homes and Crematory can help. Whether it is answering your questions or providing access to valuable materials, we are here. We can even come to your home or office to assist you in preplanning if that is more comfortable for you.

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