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Benefits of Pet Cremations December 10, 2020

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Losing a beloved family pet is a very difficult experience. It can be compounded by not having an appropriate way to dispose of your pet’s remains and to pay fitting tribute to it. These are some of the major reasons more and more pet owners are choosing cremation for a pet who has passed on.

Here are just some of the benefits of cremation following the loss of a pet.

It Is Fitting for a Member of the Family

Many consider pets a member of the family, especially if they have been with the family for a significant period. Cremation is a respectful and loving way to take care of the remains. You can take comfort in knowing you have made a caring decision.

There are Multiple Options for Cremain Disposal

Once a pet is cremated, owners have various choices when it comes to disposing of the cremains. You may choose to scatter the ashes in a favored place of the pet or bury them in a public pet cemetery. Cremains may be kept in an urn or other tasteful container or some of the ashes may even be used in creating jewelry or another meaningful keepsake. You have versatility with the options you have depending on your particular circumstances.

It is a Way to Honor Your Pet

A cremation is a way to honor your pet and give your family time to pay tribute. You may even decide to hold your own small private service in recognition of your pet. It is an opportunity to say goodbye.

Makes it Easier to Change Homes

If your pet’s cremains are kept in an urn, they can be taken with you should you change residences.

You Don’t Have to Worry About Climate or Animals

Burying your pet in your yard or in a field could subject them to disturbance by animals or flooding or freezing. This is not a problem when you have a pet cremated and keep the remains in an urn.

You Can Still Opt to Scatter or Bury Ashes

Scattering or burying an animal’s ashes after cremation is a lot simpler and less cumbersome than burying a pet’s body. Burying cremains in an organic container is considered an environmentally friendly way to dispose of a pet’s remains.

Losing a beloved pet is difficult. Making dignified, suitable final arrangements can help families through the grieving process. Contact us to learn about cremation options for pets that are respectful and affordable. We would be honored to assist you.

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