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How Grief Counseling Can Help June 10, 2021

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One of the most challenging aspects of grief is that there really is no way to prepare for it. Even when death is expected it can be hard to comprehend emotionally and mentally. It can, however, be dealt with and grief counseling can often play a role.

What is grief counseling? How does it work, and what should one expect when attending counseling sessions? Here’s a closer look.

What is Grief Counseling

Most people will work through the grieving process on their own, with the support of family and friends. In some cases, however, others find it difficult to cope. This is where grief counseling can be so beneficial. Grief counseling provides a vehicle in which those suffering can discuss their feelings and emotions. Grief counselors are not only there to listen, but to provide tools necessary in the recovery process.

How It Works

Grief counseling works on multiple levels.

It helps people express their emotions. Many people stuck in deep levels of grief have yet to fully express themselves. Grief counseling provides this opportunity, allowing a person to work through feelings of guilt and remorse.

Counseling builds a support system. Counseling helps those suffering know they are not alone. Not only is the counselor there but there are friends and relatives available for support as well. Knowing they are not alone can be very calming to those grieving.

It Facilitates Grasping a New Reality. Counseling helps those struggling in comprehending a loss gain control over their new reality. It can help those in denial move beyond that.

What Happens During Counseling?

Counseling involves helping a grieving person understand that while everyone grieves differently, there are four identifiable stages that people go through. It allows them to talk through their feelings and emotions and to ultimately realize, life goes on. Simply put, counseling can help you work through the trauma of grief and begin the healing process.

Not everyone requires counseling, but if you or someone you know seems to be struggling with the death of a loved one to the point where it is affecting their personal or work life, counseling may help.

At Fares J. Radel Funeral Homes and Crematory, we have a long history of assisting families of Northern Kentucky and Cincinnati through difficult times. This is not an honor we take lightly. If you do not have a “home” for final services in your family, we appreciate an opportunity to serve you.

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