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How to Combat the Physical Effects of Grief June 17, 2021

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Anyone who has experienced the loss of a loved one understands how emotionally and mentally draining it can be. Grief takes its toll. But we can underestimate its impact on our physical health and wellness.

There are plenty of resources on how to deal with grief emotionally, including the use of support groups and grief counselors. How do we handle grief from a physical standpoint? It is just as important as taking care of your emotional state. Here are some easy, common sense solutions.

Understand That Grief Can Impact Us Physically

The place to start is the recognition that grief, in fact, can impact us negatively physically. This realization can help us recognize signs of its impact and make us aware that there are steps we should be taking. Ignoring the physical impacts of grief will only serve to magnify them. Feeling tired? Sick? Lack energy? These are all signs you are being impacted physically by grief.

Avoid the Overuse of Alcohol

Alcohol may seem like an easy and convenient solution to grief but its impact on us physically can have short and long-term ramifications. Be aware if alcohol use has increased and take steps to minimize its use.

Drink Non-Alcoholic Liquids

While alcohol use can head down a dangerous path, it is important to stay hydrated with water, juices and other non-alcoholic beverages. Grief has a way of distracting you from taking care of yourself and staying hydrated is critical.

Boost Your Immunity

Eat more vegetables and fruits, especially fresh ones. Take vitamins if you feel it will be helpful. Understand your immunity is a critical defensive system and give it the attention you deserve.


The role of exercise is combating the physical effects of grief can not be underestimated. Long walks, short runs, a stint on a treadmill or exercise bike can also be valuable. It is challenging to be stressed when exercising.

Eat Regular Meals

Don’t allow grief to give you the excuse to skip meals. Maintain the routine and nutritional impact of regular, scheduled meals. Avoid unhealthy snacking.

Intentionally Focus on Getting Enough Rest

Sleep and rest are so critical in restoring the body you may have to be intentional about getting enough. Look at sleep as a reward, an escape and a way to recharge.

Be Grateful

Being grateful can be challenging when experiencing grief, but when you focus on friends, family and those who surround and support you, it can be rejuvenating. It is also difficult to be stressed and grateful at the same time.

We’ve heard it a million times. “Take care of yourself.” Following the loss of a loved one this is more important than ever. Take the advice.

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