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How to Face the New Year Well When Grieving January 12, 2023

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It is never easy to face the loss of a loved one. Grieving through the holidays can seem to add another layer of weight to that grief. If you or someone you know is grieving at this time of year, here are some tips for facing, and perhaps embracing, the new year.

Don’t Fear the New Year

Rather than fearing going into the new year, view it as a turning of the page on your grief. That doesn’t mean you should expect your grief to vanish on January 1st. You can, however, make a resolution to put it behind you and move forward the best you can. You may have made resolutions your entire life. Now is the time to resolve to accept your new life!

Tune In to Positive Emotional Cues

Paying attention to positive emotional tours may point to new joys. Does hearing from a particular person bring a smile to your face? Reach out. Will seeing a film, concert, or play comfort you? Go for it. It may be time to rediscover an old skill, craft, or hobby. There may even be joy in a trip to the beach or mountains. Feed your joy this new year.

Respect Your Mental Health

Avoid isolation, even if you are drawn to it. Conversation can be healing, either with friends, family, or even a support group. There are even online support groups that may provide some comfort, especially through the new year.

Take Care of Your Physical Health

The new year is a great time to pay more attention to your physical health. This is particularly important when grieving. Make sure you are eating well and avoiding processed foods. Add more fruits and vegetables to your diet. Pay attention to your sleep schedule and ensure you are getting enough rest. Finally, move. Get up and go for a walk. Join the YMCA, a gym, or a fitness class. Spend a night at a local hotel with an indoor pool and go for a swim or use their fitness center.

If you are facing the new year while grieving, spend more time with positive friends. Visit a favorite restaurant or go shopping. Live in the momentt and take it one day at a time. The new year awaits.

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