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Tips for Planning a Memorial Service for You Pet December 21, 2022

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How do you feel about your pet? Is your pet a trusted friend? Do they feel like a member of the family? It is no wonder then that so many people want to ensure that their pet is taken care of properly after their death.

Having at least some form of memorial or burial service can help a family accept the death of a furry friend while honoring them for their years of loyalty. It can be a healing way in which to say goodbye.

Here are some tips to consider when planning a memorial for your pet.

Decide Upon Cremation or a Burial

The first step in planning a pet memorial or funeral service is to decide whether you will bury your pet or have him or her cremated. Keep in mind that cremation provides the option of keeping a pet’s ashes in an urn, burying them, or spreading them in a favored location. Some pet owners will include an image of their pet on a custom urn to remember their furry friend.

Select a Location

Choosing a location for your service may depend on whether you have decided to bury or cremate your pet. If you are burying him or her or spreading ashes, make sure you have the permission of the landowner.

Ways to Honor Your Pet

You may honor your pet with a grave marker, by displaying some of their favorite toys, and by sharing photos. Individual family members may want to contribute in their own individual, meaningful ways.

Share Details with Family

For most families, losing a pet is a shared experience. As well as the planning of any final services. Discuss the ways in which everyone can participate and be a part of the goodbye.

Decide Who To Invite

A memorial service for a pet should be an intimate occasion, so select those who you want to attend carefully. Be sure to include anyone who walked or took care of your pet or who seemed to enjoy the company of your pet. Recognize that not everyone can relate to the closeness some owners feel with their pets.

Consider Making It a Social Occasion

A pet memorial can include the pets of others and may even include a wider social visit that could include a cookout or snacks and beverages. This is especially rewarding if you have lots of friends or family that also have pets. Like modern human funerals, there is more leeway and creativity in pet final services today and the final decisions are yours.

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